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How does mobile IV therapy work?

Mobile IV therapy is a convenient service where our experienced healthcare professionals come to your location with all the necessary equipment and administer intravenous treatments tailored to your specific needs. It’s a hassle-free way to receive essential nutrients, hydration, and other wellness benefits without leaving your home or office.

Do you have a physical office?

Yes! In addition to mobile IV therapy, we have a physical office. Office visits are appointment only. We’re located at 445 N. Milledge Avenue, Athens, GA 30601.

Are your healthcare professionals qualified and certified?

Yes, absolutely. Our team of healthcare professionals is highly trained, licensed, and certified in their respective fields. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we ensure that you receive expert care from qualified professionals.

What types of IV treatments do you offer?

We offer a wide range of IV therapies to address various wellness needs, including energy boosts, hydration, vitamin replenishment, and recovery support. Our treatments are personalized to cater to your unique requirements, and our healthcare professionals can recommend the most suitable options during your consultation.

How can I schedule an appointment for mobile or in-office IV therapy?

It’s easy. Trust us! Click on the “book now” button below.

What are all these fees?

When choosing our prices and fee structure, IVme took into account economic factors and wanted to ensure fairness for the client, our company, and our employees. Our concierge fee (mobile service only), mileage fee (mobile service only), and rush fees (late night and weekends) ensure our IV technicians are paid fairly. Despite this, when compared to our competitors, our prices are still cheaper – allowing you to get IV therapy at an affordable price even if it’s 2am and in your home. Our goal is to be available 24/7, so we can save you a trip to the ER or urgent care (if you are stable and not experiencing a medical emergency). These fees help us do that, while still offering the best price in town.

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